Inherited Fear

Inherited FearEllee Preston sat in the solicitor's office dreading the words she knew she was almost certain to hear, that her husband Lewis had inherited his mother's house in Betts Lane.

Julian Tremain the solicitor began to speak and Ellee's worst fears were realized. Lewis was now the owner of number nine. The dreadful house that had seen so much tragedy since the start of the century. Would Lewis want to live in the property? If he did would they ever be able to escape from it? Her mother-in-law Florence never could and her life ended there in tragic circumstances in the early sixties.

As the activities of the IRA reached Southampton, the house remained sinister and untouched by anything going on around it. Time had not affected the house in any way. It was the same, dark and foreboding, in some kind of time warp.

Certain members of the family still seemed plagued by bad luck. Adultery, suicide and murder were to blight their lives.

Who was the ghost? What did he want?

It wasn't until Ellee's daughter Katey decided to have the house exorcised that all was revealed.

Don't miss NINE BETTS LANE the previous novel by Eileen de Lisle, Also available from Beagle Publications and all good bookshops.


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