Nine Betts Lane

Nine Betts LaneWhen Florence Preston first moved to the house in Betts Lane in 1900, she did not feel there was anything amiss until she became pregnant. This pregnancy was to be the start of a lifetime of unexplained happenings and bad luck, spanning three quarters of a century.

Florence's first child was stillborn. She then received a warning from a gypsy on her doorstep, to leave the house as soon as she could. Circumstances always prevented her from leaving. She felt this sinister house was holding her back, laughing at her.

Only certain people with a psychic ability were affected by the house, usually with tragic consequences. A regular visitor to the house and dear friend Harry Rolleston was lost on the Lusitania. Albert, a nephew, and one of the few people to hear the cries of the ghost baby in the house, died suddenly after spending an evening at No. 9.

Florence's youngest son Lewis married an Irish girl, who also had a psychic ability and shared Florence's fear of the house. Her family had fled the troubles in Southern Ireland and the harsh treatment handed out by the Black & Tans, in their war against the IRA.

Florence wondered, would there ever be an end to the sadness and bad luck in the house? Would she ever be able to leave? Or would the house eventually claim her life?

Audio version of Nine Betts Lane

Narrated by Marie McCarthy

The audio cassette version of Nine Betts Lane is read by Marie McCarthy who appeared in the fifth version of Red Dwarf on BBC 2.  Marie has made an excellent reader capturing all the different languages in the book.  Listening to these cassettes it is hard to believe that she is only person reading the story.

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Nine Betts Lane